Customer feedback analysis platform

Get product's feedback insights for better decision-making
Effortlessly gather customer feedback by sharing your feedback boards. Witness a stream of valuable insights and feature requests effortlessly flow in.
Product Improvement
Enhanced Product Improvement
Increase Customer Satisfaction
Increased Customer Satisfaction
Informed Decision
Informed Decision Making
Brand Loyalty
Brand Loyalty and Advocacy
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Our Amazing Features
Analytics loaded bird eye view of feedback management process
Powerful Statistics
Powerful live statistics
Harness real-time statistical insights in graphs for instant decision-making providing a dynamic overview of your platform.
User Statistics
User's statistics
Dive into user engagement trends with focus on active & new users, enabling strategic adjustments to enhance customer retention
Stage wise analysis
Stage wise analysis
Streamline your feedback workflow by categorizing items based on their stages, ensuring effective resolution & productive process.
Custom Templates
Custom templates
Several predefined templates with differ report types are provided for the admins to customize them according to their need.
Customer Analysis
Customer analysis
Explore powerful multiple analysis of user & customer interactions through top posts, comments of users, votes, and spam analysis.
Stale Unresponsive post
Stale/ Unresponsive post
Efficiently address unresponsive posts in real-time with a concise overview, streamlining moderation efforts.
Customized Analytics
Customized analytics
Admins can customized analytics with personalized reports covering feedback, user activity, changelog updates etc.
Chart Layouts
Different Charts layouts
Design a beautified customized reports with different charts styles and tables formats as the way you want to view the analytics.
How Antrika's analytics works?
Explore powerful analytics & investigate feedbacks deeply with low efforts
Bird eye
Feedback analytics dashboard
Acquire a thorough comprehension of the entire feedback management process with the aid of Antrika's analytics dashboard. This advanced tool provides a holistic view and panoramic insight into all aspects of feedback.
Feedback Overview
360-Degree Feedback Overview
Product Progress
User-Initiated Product Progress
Dynamics Unleashed
Feature Dynamics Unleashed
Customizable templates
Customizable templates
Customize Analytical Reports
Customize the analytical reports
Our user-friendly platform empowers you to customize reports, enabling a focused analysis of key metrics essential for your feedback management objectives ensuring that you extract precise insights relevant to your goals, streamlining your decision-making process.
Tailored User Experiences
Tailored User Experience
Engagement Beyond Feedback
Engagement Beyond Feedback
Increased Accountability
Increased Accountability
Swift Identification
Swift Identification of Trends
Predefined Template
Select from a predefined template
Choose from a range of pre-defined templates and initiate your customization process. Select a template that aligns with your needs and modifies it effortlessly by dragging and rearranging data fields according to your requirements.
Diversity Integration
Effortless Diversity Integration
Channel-Agnostic Feedback
Adaptability Requirements
Adaptability to Requirements
Responsive Analytics
Responsive Analytics
Save/ publish
Save/ publish and get a customized report
Save, publish, and present your meticulously tailored reports through our platform, enriched with visually captivating charts. With the synergy of insightful data and captivating visuals, you not only consolidate your data into impactful insights but also elevate understanding and engagement.
Report Delivery
Customizable Report Delivery
User Experience
Seamless User Experience
User Engagement
Higher user engagement
Enhanced Accessibility
Enhanced Accessibility
Benefits of Feedback Analyzing
Analyse what next to build to satisfy your customers
Antrika Analytics
Antrika analytics helps you to make decisions with metrics
Utilize Antrika Analytics for insightful metrics that empower strategic decision-making in your product development journey.
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Customer-Centric Innovation
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Navigate entire product roadmap
Get a view
Get a view - how many users actually excited to engage with your product
Get valuable insights of user engagement within your feedback process, or decision making by checking the Active/new users to your portal.
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Tailored User Experience
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Engagement Beyond Feedback
Analyse Product
Analyse product requirements according to customers priority
Analyze product requirements based on customer priority to prioritize features according to customer needs, ensuring a customer-centric approach.
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User-Initiated Product Progress
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Feature Dynamics Unleashed
Analyse next
Analyse what next to build to satisfy your customers
Strategically plan your next product features by analyzing customer preferences, and guiding your roadmap for developments that align with and satisfy customer expectations.
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Navigate your product's roadmap
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Embrace feature democracy dynamism
Empowering businesses with all in one feedback solutions
Collect Feedback
Collect Feedback
Capture Feedback from Different Sources in One Central Hub.
Build Roadmap
Redefine the product development experience with powerful roadmaps.
Announce product updates
Announce your latest product changes, new features, bug fixes.
Analytics Feature
Analyze Feedback
Get valuable insights of user engagement within your feedback process.
Start managing customer's feedback today with Antrika's expertise.
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What is the Feedback Analysis Tool?

The Feedback Analysis Tool is a software application designed to analyze and interpret feedback received from various sources, such as surveys, reviews, and comments. It employs advanced algorithms to extract insights and trends from large sets of feedback data.

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Is the tool customizable for specific industries or needs?
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How long does it take to analyze feedback data?
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What types of insights does the tool provide?
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Can the tool integrate with other software or platforms?
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