Collect & prioritize customer feedback in one place

Capture, organize, and announce product feedback in one place is essential for any business looking to improve products and services.
What Antrika Offers?
Your complete customer feedback platform
Feedback Collection Software
Collect Feedback
You can gather user's feedbacks manually or by using one of our integrations.
Capture and collect all your customer feedbacks
Multiple feedbacks
Multiple feedbacks
Centralize feedback
Centralize feedback
Integrate tools
Integrate tools
Feedback Sources
Identify sources
Product Roadmap Management App
Product Roadmap
An easy way to prioritize features & share your customers what's working on next.
Create multiple product pipelines with ease
Overview of pipelines
Overview of pipelines
Share latest launches
Share feature status
Fully customizable
Fully customisable
Set Priorities
Set & track priorities
Changelog Tool for Your App
An excellent tool for conveying new updates and launches related to your products.
Announce your product changes & updates
Release Updates
Release Updates
Through and Detailed Release Notes
Detailed release notes
Share latest launches
Share latest launches
Feature Awareness
Spread feature awareness
Analyze Feedback
Analyze Feedback
You can derive valuable insights which will enhance your product Experience.
Hear directly from your customers, analyze their ideas.
All Feedback
Centralised dashboards
Know Customers
Analyze requirements
Track Feedback
Track users analytics
Advance Analytics
Advanced reporting
How to Manage Feedbacks in Antrika?
From feedbacks & roadmaps to announcements you will get a brief summary from here
Feedback management software
Create Feedback
Create feedback boards
Product Feedback
Capture product feedback
Product Roadmap
Manage product roadmap
Update Changelog
Update your changelog
How will Antrika help you?
Our amazing features that can help you build a better product.
Product Team
Build better products with customer feedback platform
As you can see above, there are quite a few different paths to go when it comes to organizing and managing feedback. You can do it manually and enter everything you get into a sheet or a document.
Customer Satisfaction
Improved Customer Satisfaction
Gathering and analyzing of feedbacks allows you to identify & address issues which will led to customer satisfaction.
Product Service Quality
Enhanced Product and Service Quality
Feedback provides insights into what customers feel about your products, helps you to make decision for product improvement.
Customer Loyalty
Help Increased Customer Loyalty
Addressing customer concerns and suggestions can lead to higher levels of loyalty and retention, as customers feel valued.
Product Service Quality
Better Decision Making With Insights
Access to data-driven insights enables data-informed decision-making, helping organizations allocate resources effectively.
Competitive Advantage
Stay Ahead of your competitors
Feedback collection and Insights can help you stay ahead of the competition by adapting to changing customer preferences.
Innovation Product Development
Increase Employee Engagement
Employees can be more motivated and engaged when they see that their efforts lead to positive customer feedback.
Reduce Churn
Reduced Churn and Complaints
Identification of issues and swift resolution can reduce customer churn and mitigate negative word-of-mouth marketing.
Employee Engagement
Employee Engagement
Employees can be more motivated and engaged when they see that their efforts lead to positive customer feedback, creating a positive feedback loop.
Customers can share queries freely for a product easily
Stop letting ideas slip through the cracks. Collect, analyze, and organize feedback and feature requests in a dedicated customer feedback tool. Deliver a better customer experience.
Provide Feedback
Provide feedback in one-place
All-in-one customer feedback management software, Users can update the status in one-place.
Email Call Icon
Get Free From Email and Calls
Implement feedback management to allow users to find information without contacting you directly.
Product Issue
Easily Addressing of product issues
Feedback management to allow notifies users upon receiving their product issue report.
Live Stats
Live Stats of mentions issues
Comprehensive system for live monitoring of mentions and issues, enabling your team to respond.
Product Updates
Get Updated to all product updates
You can ensure that you stay well-informed about all product updates and improvements.
Innovation Product Development
Get Product Line Insights
Comprehensive insights into your product line, enabling you to make informed decisions.
User Feedback
Explore Another Users Feedback
Explore Another Users Feedback directly from the Portal, making it convenient for them to share.
Product Utilization
Helps to Get better product utilization.
Optimize product utilization and create a positive user experience that encourages users.
Start managing customer's feedback today with Antrika's expertise.
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Antrika is a product feedback management tool for SaaS, helping you collect and organize feature requests to better understand customer needs and prioritize your roadmap.

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