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Manage product documents with quick access to specific requirements, discussion, and streamlining decisions for potential improvements. Share details with the team and users.
Product Management Software
Organize documents into folders
Product Management Software
Choose from predefined Templates
Ideas Action
Control access for users
Empower Customer Voices
Link document to feedback
Collect Customer Feedback
Our Amazing Features
Organize All Product Details with Antrika Documents
Multiple Folders
Multiple Folders
Organize varied product documents in multiple folders or categories for quick access, streamlined collaboration & improved discussions.
Unlimited Documents
Unlimited Documents
From product specification, design to varied manuals, product teams can easily manage, and update details via multiple documents.
Predefined doc Templates
Predefined doc Templates
Craft accurate and custom product documents for varied aspects through Antrika’s predefined user-friendly templates for efficiency.
Easy to use text editor
Easy to use text editor
Simplify your product document creation process with an intuitive text editor - designed for offer efficiency and easy navigation.
Link to multiple feedback
Link to multiple feedback
Link product documents to specific feedback to showcase the update on feedback loop to consumers.
Users specific privacy
Users specific privacy
Antrika allows organizations to share the product documents to users or stakeholders with controlling accessibility.
Limit visibility to linked feedback owners
Limit visibility to linked feedback owners
Share product documents to consumers by highlighting data resonating with their feedback or limiting visibility.
Increased team cooperation
Increased team cooperation
Promote cross-functional collaboration and teamwork to drive innovation and maximize product potential with optimized documents
How Antrika’s Product Document Works?
Develop, Manage & Retrieve Product Documents Easily
Initial Board
Create Multiple Folders
Organize varied folders by categories, such as specifications, manuals, to streamline accessibility and clarity. Focus on creating feature based hierarchical structure with folders for each product for easy navigation and retrieval of documents.
Feature based Hierarchy
Feature based Hierarchy
Customizable Template
Intuitive Navigation
Time saving automation
Optimized doc management
Board Creation
Easy Document Access
Gather Input
Manage Folders with User Specific Privacy
Elevate document management with customized folder privacy controls, wherein users need access permission to avoid occurrence of unauthorized access. Antrika offers seamless document management within user-specific folders, improving efficiency and compliance.
Input Gathering
Custom privacy controls
Real-Time Feedback
User-specific folders
User Centric
Compliance assurance
Voting Commenting
Easy doc management
Board Privacy
Create a Document
Develop accurate product documents by leveraging Antrika’s comprehensive solution, ensuring efficient organization and easy access to crucial information. From version control to seamless collaboration, empowering product teams to optimize workflows and drive productivity.
Board Settings
Seamless version control
Board Visibility
Effective doc creation
Privacy Settings
Improved team collaboration
Access Permissions
Workflow optimization
Desired Features
Link Feedback & Documents
Bridge the gap between customer feedback and product documentation for efficient management. Integrate customer insights into your documents, fostering a dynamic feedback loop to drive product refinement and customer satisfaction. And share user-specific docs with users.
Real-Time Voting
User-specific documents
Integrate Feedback
Effective product refinement
User Driven
Improved doc management
Customization Option
Dynamic feedback loop
Why Product Documents?
Drives Better Collaboration, Product Development & Efficiency in Workflow
product teams with document creation
Helps product teams with document creation and organization
From drafting to distribution, empower your product team to manage product documents effortlessly, and enhance clarity throughout the development lifecycle.
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Streamlined Document Creation
circle point
Improved Collaboration
Easily Priortize
Enhance transparency with customers related to their product feedbacks
Integrate customer feedback directly into product documents reflecting their experiences and suggestions to build trust, foster better engagement.
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Fostering transparency with doc
circle point
Streamlined product documents
Deepen Customer
Increases team collaboration and facilitate alignment stakeholder
With a streamlined product documentation process, categorize doc by folders and optimize varied workflows, and align varied goals with accurate information.
circle point
Seamless team communication
circle point
Aligning objectives with doc
Efficiently Monitor
Enhances product success by preventing requirements creep
Organize varied product details by version control and multiple folders, and prioritize on vital product requirements to avoid inefficiencies.
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Streamlined product planning
circle point
Efficient product development
Empowering businesses with all in one feedback solution
Start managing customer's feedback today with Antrika's expertise.
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What is product document management, and why do businesses need it?

Product document involves organizing, storing, and accessing documents related to products. It's crucial for maintaining version control, ensuring regulatory compliance, and facilitating efficient collaboration.

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What are the benefits of implementing a product document management system?
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How does product document enhance collaboration among teams?
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What security measures are employed in product document?
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How scalable are product documents for business growth?
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Can product documents facilitate the creation and management of product specifications?
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