Capture and Analyze User's Feedback

Collect Feedback From Multiple Sources Into One Place
Start capturing and centralizing feedback to improve the product, making data-driven decisions, and enhancing customer satisfaction.
Turing Opinions
Centralize all feedback
Manage Customer Inputs
Feedback via integrations
Ideas Action
Create multiple boards
Empower Customer Voices
Public and Private boards
Collect Customer Feedback
Our Amazing Features
Antrika is a separate place to collect all your users feedbacks
Public & Private Boards
Public & private boards
A Public board will be visible to all the users or you can create a board as private to restrict access to specific users.
Unlimited Feedbacks
Share unlimited feedbacks
Both users and admins can share unlimited feedback through Antrika posts using an intuitive and user - friendly interface.
Merge Duplicate Posts
Merge duplicate posts
Admins have the authority to merge multiple similar posts or feedbacks into one single post to neglect any puzzlement.
Vote Feedback
Vote any feedback
Both users and admins can vote a feedback/ post if they find it relevant to their opinions based on their assessment.
Internal Comments
Internal comments
Admins can comment internally to a post that will be visible in the admin portal and will not be visible to users in the public portal.
Spam Posts
Mark posts as spam
You can effortlessly mark any post as spam if it's violating the terms, by marking as spam it will warn or ban the users.
Disable Comments
Disable comments
Admin can enable this feature, if they do not want users to see other user's comments on a post in public feedback portal.
Customized Post
Customized post fields
You can create additional fields which will show while creating a post for specific board according to your need.
How to gather feedbacks?
Setup friendly environment for users where they can share ideas
Initial Board
Initiate Board Setup
Start your journey on Antrika by signing up and configuring a feedback portal, putting you in motion to seamlessly collect valuable feature requests and Customize the look and feel of your public portal to match your brand. Add any necessary branding elements, with user-friendly interface.
Efficient Onboarding
Efficient Onboarding
Customizable Template
Customizable Templates
Time saving automation
Time-Saving Automation
Board Creation
Efficient Board Creation
Gather Input
Gather input from your customers
Embed an intuitive feedback board seamlessly on your website or in-app. It allows customers to submit their feedbacks directly from there. Collect relevant information such as the post title, description, category, and any attachments.
Input Gathering
Structured Input Gathering
Real-Time Feedback
Real-Time Feedback Updates
User Centric
User-Centric Feedback
Voting Commenting
Voting and Commenting
Board Privacy
Manage Board Privacy
Take charge of your feedback board's privacy settings to regulate access, ensuring that only designated individuals can view and engage with product feedback. You Can adapt your privacy measures for a specific board based on the evolving needs.
Board Settings
Accessible Board Settings
Board Visibility
Selective Board Visibility
Privacy Settings
Flexible Privacy Settings
Access Permissions
User Access Permissions
Desired Features
Develop Desired Features
Enable users to vote on prioritizing features. Features gaining more votes ascend in priority, ensuring the implementation of the most favored ones. Regularly gather user feedback on the implemented features to refine and enhance the user experience.
Real-Time Voting
Real-Time Voting Analytics
Integrate Feedback
Integrated Feedback Mechanism
User Driven
User-Driven Decision-Making
Customization Option
Customization Options
Benefits of Antrika Feedback Software?
Easily capture feedback, identify actionable insights with Antrika
Gain Deeper
Gain a deeper understanding of your users
Identify areas for improvement, address customer concerns, and enhance overall satisfaction. Feel free to use it however you like!
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Enhanced User Experience
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Early Issue Detection
Easily Priortize
Easily prioritize features/ users requirements based on votes
Acquire valuable insights to fine-tune and optimize your offerings, ensuring top-notch experiences.
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User-Centric Development
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Identifying Key Pain Points
Deepen Customer
Deepen customer engagement in your product decisions.
Enable customer engagement through a platform for expressing opinions, promoting collaboration, and fostering innovation.
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Share Product Updates
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Notification Systems
Efficiently Monitor
Efficiently monitor and oversee all feedback, both internally and publicly.
Ensure a streamlined monitoring process including overseeing comments, reviews, and opinions in a proficient manner.
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Centralized Feedback Hub
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Analytics and Reporting
Empowering businesses with all in one feedback solution
Start managing customer's feedback today with Antrika's expertise.
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How can I create a feedback portal?

Sign up to Antrika which makes it easy to create your own feedback portal. We've got all the tools you need to customize the look and feel of your portal, so it feels like an extension of your brand's voice.

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What are benefits of feedback boards
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Can I set feedback boards privacy?
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How much does it cost?
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What are the types of feedback boards?
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Can I collect product feedback via a website?
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