An All-in-One Seamless Help Center

A Centralized Platform Dedicated to Solve Customer’s Queries
Antrika’s Help Centre serves as a self-service knowledge base for your customers. It reduces customer waiting time and enhances satisfaction by promptly directing users to accurate information and resources.
Turing Opinions
Intuitive Self-service Interface
Manage Customer Inputs
Comprehensive knowledge base
Ideas Action
Email Support
Empower Customer Voices
Interactive Troubleshooting
Collect Customer Feedback
Our Amazing Features
Offer Centralize Customer Support with Antrika
Public & Private Boards
Multiple Help centres
From product complaints, inaccuracies to how to queries customize help center to solve customer's queries in real-time.
Unlimited Feedbacks
Unlimited Articles
Provide range of relevant articles on centralized help center platform to enable customers to find accurate solutions.
Merge Duplicate Posts
Knowledge base portal
Effectively handle customer inquiries promptly using a dedicated, streamlined knowledge base platform.
Vote Feedback
Multiple Widgets
Empower customers by directly providing them with relevant information swiftly within a click, to improve self-service.
Internal Comments
Multiple Themes
Customize your help center based on the category and themes, enhancing interface and customer’s journey to access details.
Spam Posts
Branding & Customization
Based on your brand’s color theme, tailor the visuals of help center to elevate the customer experience.
Custom Domain
Custom Domain
Optimize the help center by segregating diverse information based on customized domains with enhanced user interface.
Customized Post
Advanced Text Editor
Update, modify, and customize accurate details on help center based on evolving demands or queries of your customers.
How Antrika's Help Centre works?
Enhance Customer Experience with Central & Streamlined Help Center
Initial Board
Create Multiple Help Centers & Dedicated Resources
Antrika's all-in-one help center solution simplifies customer support by efficiently organizing diverse details and resources. Customize multiple help centers effortlessly to adapt to evolving customer needs. Deliver consistent and concise content for seamless customer assistance.
Efficient Onboarding
Customized Help Center
Customizable Template
Seamless Customer Assistance
Time saving automation
Consistent & Accurate Resources
Board Creation
Dedicated Multiple Help Centers
Gather Input
Create Articles
Create a comprehensive knowledge base by addressing common customer issues and queries from customer support interactions. These articles will provide quick solutions and reduce waiting times for customers seeking assistance, enhancing their experience.
Input Gathering
Multiple Custom Articles
Real-Time Feedback
Central Knowledge Portal
User Centric
Reduced Support Dependency
Voting Commenting
Improved Customer Experience
Board Privacy
Knowledge Base Portal
With Antrika, consolidate all inquiries—from login assistance to software integration and feature specifics—into one efficient platform. Simplify your knowledge portal, offering customers a user-friendly interface with customized data for quick and accurate information access.
Board Settings
Simplified Knowledge Portal
Board Visibility
Customized Information
Privacy Settings
Instant details access
Access Permissions
Improve Query Management
Desired Features
Embed Widgets
Streamline customer access to reliable data by integrating widgets into your websites or software. This will lead users directly to a centralized knowledge base. Simplify user experience with quick access to comprehensive guides.
Real-Time Voting
Widget Integration
Integrate Feedback
Direct Data Access
User Driven
Seamless Navigation
Customization Option
Central Information Hub
Benefits of a Help Centre?
Elevate Customer Support with a Intuitive, Reliable Help Center
Gain Deeper
Improve Customer Experience with Central Knowledge Platform
Providing a centralized hub for accurate solutions streamlines customer experiences, reducing frustration and enhancing support efficiency. This approach ensures quick access to detailed information, positive brand image.
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Streamlined Customer Experience
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Quick Information Access
Easily Priortize
Empower Customers to Identify Solutions Independently
Enable customers to independently resolve queries by leveraging a user-friendly and customized central knowledge portal. This will reduce support wait times and provide comprehensive information in one accessible platform.
circle point
Interactive & Reliable Guides
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Streamlined Knowledge Hub
Deepen Customer
Enhance Customer Satisfaction & Reduce Waiting Time
Provide customers with immediate access to accurate resources and real-time data, ensuring swift resolution of queries and enhancing overall satisfaction. Reduce customer wait times with instant access to information.
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Improved Customer Satisfaction
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Real-time Data Access
Efficiently Monitor
Reduce Customer Support Cost with Antrika
Antrika's streamlined Help Center offers businesses a cost-effective solution for managing customer support, reducing expenses. By providing anytime access to comprehensive resources, Antrika enhances customer satisfaction, reliability.
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Higher Long-term profitability
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Cost-effective Customer Support
Empowering Customers to Solve Queries Independently
Start managing customer's feedback today with Antrika's expertise.
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Frequently Asked Questions
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Can I get real-time assistance through the Help Centre?

While the Help Centre is primarily a self-service resource, you can also find information on how to contact our support team for additional assistance if needed.

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Is the information in the Help Centre regularly updated?
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How do I navigate different sections of the Help Centre?
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What type of information is available in Antrika’s Help Centre?
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What are the types of feedback boards?
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Can I collect product feedback via a website?
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