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Establish a streamlined process to prioritize feedback
Antrika is a cutting-edge Product Roadmap software designed to empower teams and businesses to navigate their journey from ideation to execution.
Product Decision
Easy to Manage Pipeline
Keep Customers
Prioritize Your Projects
Deeper Understanding
Make Customizable Stage
Develop impactful
Can Export Your Roadmap
Product Roadmap software
Our Amazing Features
Revolutionize product development journey with potential roadmaps
Customized Stages
Customized stages
Update the feature stage from "planned" to "in progress" and to others based on current development of a feedback.
Multiple Roadmaps
Create multiple roadmaps
You can create and manage multiple roadmaps simultaneously, each dedicated to a specific project, product, or initiative.
Link Roadmaps
Link posts to roadmaps
A single post can be linked to multiple roadmaps to show that work has to be done on different pipelines for a specific feature.
Export Roadmap
Export Your Roadmaps
You can export roadmaps in various formats, including PDF, CSV & Excel, according to diversified preferences and use cases.
Maintain Transparency
Maintain Transparency
Roadmaps make it easier to provide a transparency to your customers & stakeholders by sharing what you're building next
Assign Feedback
Assign feedbacks to team
Enhance accountability by linking an owner or by assigning feedbacks to specific members for efficient response to user input.
Roadmap Overview
Get roadmap's overview
You will get an overview of what is happing on an roadmap, linking/ unlinking of a feedbacks etc. via changes audit history
Increased Team
Increased team cooperation
By assigning multiple owners to a feedback, members can know that with whom they have to work to give it a success.
How Antrika's roadmap works?
Enables product teams to create & visualize product plans.
Set Multiple Roadmaps
Setup multiple roadmaps
Multi-Roadmap Setup empowers admins to align their product strategy with multiple roadmaps, facilitating the strategic planning and execution of diverse initiatives and involve multiple dimensions, goals, or workstreams, each requiring its own roadmap.
Strategic Visibility
Enhanced Strategic Visibility
Resource Management
Efficient Resource Management
Decision Making
Improved Decision-Making
Product Strategy
Alignment with Product Strategy
Link Feedback
Link the feedbacks posted by the users
Seamlessly link user feedback to the most relevant roadmap, creating a direct connection between user input and your development trajectory. you enhance your ability to prioritize features and improvements that matter most to your users.
Feedback Platform
Integration with Platforms
Roadmap Items
Map Feedback to Roadmap
Issue Resolution
Efficient Issue Resolution
Improved Collaboration
Assign feedback Team
Assign feedbacks to suitable owner
By selecting the most suitable owner for each feedback item, you streamline the responsibility distribution and enhance accountability within your development team. This process help that each item is handled by the most suitable owner.
Update Ownership
Update Ownership Status
Prioritization Timelines
Prioritization and Timelines
Ownership Transparency
Ownership Transparency
Feedback Owners
Identify Feedback Owners
Manage feedbacks statuses
Manage feedbacks statuses
It allows you to track the status of the suggestions and comments of your products and offers customers a sneak peek into your upcoming developments and fostering transparency, building customer trust, and maintaining engagement.
Feedback Status
Define Feedback Statuses
Preview Product Roadmap
Exclusive Preview Of Product Roadmap
Future Plans
Future Plans Page
Release Notes
Release Notes and Changelogs
Benefits of a public roadmap?
Build trust of customers & stakeholders with Public roadmap
Manage feedbacks
Helps you to manage feedbacks which affects the product most
Streamline the feedback-to-action process and ensure a strategic alignment between user inputs and product development milestones.
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Multichannel Feedback Collection
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User Voting and Prioritization
Manage Product banner-image
Build customer loyalty by sharing the product's future plans
By giving customers an insider's perspective, they're more likely to stay loyal to your product when new offerings emerge.
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Interactive Roadmap Updates
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Proactive Issue Resolution
Stakeholder communicating progress
Get stakeholders into the loop by communicating progress.
Reveal and convey upcoming features to your customers and key stakeholders, fostering transparency in product development process.
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Improved Stakeholder Communication
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Alignment with Project Goals
Multiple Product Pipeline
Helps to manage product backlogs by creating multiple product pipelines
Centralize your product backlogs to ensure crucial information gets noticed in lengthy email threads or scattered spreadsheets
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Pipeline Creation and Customization
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Improved Planning Accuracy
Empowering businesses with all in one feedback solutions
Collect Feedback
Collect Feedback
Capture Feedback from Different Sources in One Central Hub.
Build Roadmap
Redefine the product development experience with powerful roadmaps.
Announce product updates
Announce your latest product changes, new features, bug fixes.
Analytics Feature
Analyze Feedback
Get valuable insights of user engagement within your feedback process.
Start managing customer's feedback today with Antrika's expertise.
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Can I build roadmaps for multiple products and features?

Definitely! Your product team can build as many roadmaps as you need, and create as many feedback boards as you need. You can also associate each product owner or product manager with specific boards and roadmaps. This way, they only see activity on the boards and roadmaps that matter to them.

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Is Antrika just a product roadmap tool?
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How does the roadmap planner work?
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Can I maintain an internal roadmap?
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How much does it cost?
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How many team members can use Antrika?
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