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A Complete Guide to Collect Customer Feedback With Simplified Steps

Your product roadmaps will drastically fail if you do not gather information on customers’ pain points and their needs. However, customer feedback can help you navigate the right direction to improve your product. Sounds too overwhelming? Don’t worry, in this blog, we will uncover insights about how to collect customer feedback and more.

As per the research, 93% of customers tend to make repeat purchases when they are satisfied with customer service, and product offerings. But the real question is how do you get there?

How can companies get access to customer product feedback?

Combining qualitative and quantitative feedback collection methods can be your ideal way to understand your customer’s positive and negative viewpoints. Or invite your customers to a centralized customer feedback platform like Antrika and ma nage multiple feedbacks easily to prioritize impactful changes and build a successful product.

What is a Feedback Management System?

A feedback management system is a streamlined procedure to collect, monitor, and respond to customer product feedback. An effective and user-friendly feedback system enables companies to collect and store feedback in one place and helps in analyzing different aspects to plan out product roadmap. Later on, you can shift your focus on implementing these feedbacks and work on improving existing features, or begin launching new features or products.

Many companies utilize customer feedback software as their core feedback storage strategy to keep track of all sorts of feedback, make improvements, and close the feedback loop at the right time.

Why do companies need to collect customer feedback?

No matter how smartly you develop strategies for your marketing and sales campaigns, only loyal customers will help you maximize the revenue of your company faster. If you don’t collect feedback from your customers, you won’t understand what drives them to complete satisfaction. And, if you don’t identify the loopholes in your product, there won’t be room for improvements and it will lead to bad company reputation and brand switching.

Do not believe us?

If you collect customer feedback, you will get a detailed insight into the aspects that you are working on. What are the things that your customers love about your company or product? And, only customers can express this.

Through a feedback management system like Antrika, you will gain an idea of what you are practicing wrong. This data can assist your sales team, customer service department, and even product designing team. If you have been observing an increase in product returns or are stuck in the loop of maximizing the company’s growth, you can turn to your customers with the right questions.

You can optimize your feedback loop and automate the procedure to collect product feedback and access ongoing insights to avoid future customer frustration through a centralized customer feedback dashboard like Antrika offers.

Turn your unhappy customers and negative feedback into key points in your product roadmap. Improve app UI, introduce new features or solve the bug that is reflecting your customer retention rates drastically.

What is a Feedback loop?

A customer feedback loop refers to the procedure that includes to collect customer feedback and responding to that feedback. Depending on the type of feedback you receive, you will have positive and negative loops. It is important to close feedback loops on time, as customers may find it frustrating with continuous feedback requests, surveys, and more.

Additionally, closing the feedback loop means that you have answered every feedback shared by customers. By resolving issues complained by customers or acknowledging the positive suggestions shared, you can address each feedback.

Whether the feedback is positive or negative, or if it is possible to take action to certain feedback or not you must respond to customers to make them feel valued and maintain customer engagement.

How to collect product feedback?

Responding to customers timely or to collect customer feedback offers you valuable insights to make improvements in your products. Also, illustrates your dedication to elevate customer engagement with your feedback strategy.

We will navigate a few methods of collecting customer feedback, though utilizing a feedback management system like Antrika will save you time, and help you optimize the entire feedback loop effectively. Having centralized customer feedback software enables companies to pick relevant feedback suggestions, research, discuss, and analyze its value to begin with the product roadmap.

While a centralized customer feedback platform simplifies the procedure, companies must follow a blend of different sources to collect product feedback.

6 methods to collect feedback from customers

Online feedback survey – Ask your customers for their opinions directly. Make sure you form your questions smartly, it can be open-ended questions, forms with customer satisfaction scores, surveys with voting options, or questions with rating methods.

Online feedback form – Ask your customers for feedback right after they complete a particular action or conversion. For example, you embed a feedback form on your website that pops up right after they buy something that utilizes your feature, or invite them to share feedback directly in customer feedback software.

Review Platforms – Monitor sites like Capterra, Amazon customer reviews, Trustpilot, and more.

One -on-one customer interviews – Your sales and marketing team can conduct interviews with your current customer to understand their suggestions, complaints, and more.

Customer service team – Encourage your customer service team to ask a few questions to current customers to get insights on product success

One-on-one customer interviews – Marketing and sales teams can take interviews with customers to gather valuable customer suggestions, complaints and more.

Track social media platform – Check on what your customers speak about your brand on social media, and respond to them through tags, comments and hashtags.

Customer advisory board– Connect with a group of executive customers to gain insights on market trends and get guidance on customer behavior, needs and expectations.


How can Antrika help companies to collect customer feedback?

A centralized feedback system assists businesses collect product feedback from varied sources and gather data in one place. You can on-board private and public boards and share customer feedback with the team. In addition, you can categorize feedback based on features, complaints and other segments to monitor feedback at any time and take action.

Improves customer engagement

Monitor internal and external feedback easily

Prioritize feedbacks on votes and comments

Take actions as per analytics on feedback data

How to manage customer feedback strategy?

Identify your goals

Before you begin collecting feedback from your customers, identifying why behind gathering feedback is important. Ask yourself or the team a few questions to determine your goals.

Why do you need to collect or manage customer feedback?

Do you have accurate solutions or sources to act on feedback?

Are your team members aligned to make product changes?

Collect all data in one place

Irrespective of your feedback channels, keep all feedback data in one place. You can consider storing data in an idea board, spreadsheet, or customer feedback board like Antrika. If you scatter your feedback data in different tools, it will be difficult to analyze feedback and make decisions on how many customers requested a particular feature or complaints.

To solve such concerns, Antrika enables companies to invite users to share feedback directly and vote or comment on existing feedback for better analysis.

Select trustable feedback management system

If you have a complete setup like a board for internal teams and customers, collecting feedback, managing, and responding to requests becomes a hassle-free procedure. With Antrika’s features like easy on-boarding, real-time feedback, collecting structured insights, and an integrated feedback system you won’t have to juggle to maintain varied feedback and get access to insights.

Collect, react, and engage with customers

Everyone wants to be heard and feel valued, do not ghost your customers after collecting feedback. Even if fulfilling their complaints or suggestions feels impossible quickly, respond to them to keep them informed about your upcoming plan.

Ask for clarification in response to any feedback, listen to your customer’s opinions and respond with a focus on closing feedback loop.

Customer Feedback

Evaluate Customer feedback data

After you collect customer feedback,take time to evaluate data and proceed with the product roadmap. Here’s a few tips you can rely on.

Pick similar patterns and themes

Qualitative & Quantitative methods to get product insights

Recognize common ideas for product improvement

Segment audience to determine their priority needs

Identify products that bring customer satisfaction, add value to business revenue.

Simplify your Feedback Gathering Procedure with Antrika

Collecting feedback is not a one time process, as the world is changing the requirements of customers will also change. Antrika assists businesses to manage customer feedback loop to make sure every feedback is addressed and companies get valuable insight through one platform

Start creating better products with Antrika, and establish your customized simple feedback management process. If you want to learn more about feedback management pricing plans or features, get in touch with us today!

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