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How can Customer Analytics Software Help in Tracking Product’s Performance?

After launching a product or new feature, most businesses often find tracking the product’s progress in real-time challenging. That’s where a centralized solution like customer analytics software comes into the picture! This tool is essential in accessing valuable insights based on customers’ behavior with your product or services and interactions with newly launched products. At the same time, it aids in evaluating overall satisfaction levels. 

In addition, digging deeper into a product’s performance post-launch through user feedback analysis software with Customer Analytics Software benefits organizations with multiple benefits, such as supporting data-driven decisions, enhancing sales, identifying loopholes, and driving growth. 

Not only that, but it can also boost customer satisfaction with customer analytics software, engagement, and the expansion of a loyal customer base as businesses can seamlessly recognize drawbacks in products and foster a culture of meeting customers’ needs through a centralized dashboard of feedback management software. 

With diverse data extracted through varied channels, analyzing a product’s performance and deciding the feedback loop’s effectiveness may feel overwhelming and chaotic. Well, a seamless customer feedback system integrated with data-driven reports can solve your concern. To know how, read this blog, as we will explore more aspects of customer analytics software and product tracking. 

An Overview on Customer Analytics Software Dashboard

Before exploring ways to analyze your products through a customer feedback system, let’s take a moment to appreciate the user-friendly nature of the centralized dashboard offered by Antrika’s customer analytics software. It effortlessly combines product data from various channels and your system into a seamless visual display. This intuitive design empowers businesses to view diverse aspects and track particular product metrics in real time, making data analysis a breeze. 

Moreover, Antrika’s centralized dashboards are designed to be user-friendly, enabling product managers to make informed decisions with product analytics at the right time. This ease of use ensures that even those without extensive technical knowledge can benefit from the software. 

For instance, determining data on product quality and overall usability while investigating customer engagement with the product can be time-consuming through traditional methods with customer analytics software. Conversely, user feedback analysis software allows organizations to gain a bird’ s-eye view through a centralized dashboard. 

With access to the correct data and dashboard, understanding your product development strategy’s effectiveness and tracking its results becomes more effortless with customer analytics software. In other words, using a dashboard of customer analytics software simplifies tracking a product’s performance with features like:

1.It blends data from varied channels into one dashboard to present an appealing visual display as an overview of data. 

2.Allows businesses to access diverse data and track the product’s progress with dedicated metrics. 

3.Product managers can utilize these data to make informed decisions to make improvements or address potential issues that occurred in the previous feedback loop. 

4.It offers an overview of data on product usability, overall performance, software engagement (SaaS product), product quality, and more. 

How can Customer Analytics Software Impact Tracking Product Performance?

Having a robust strategy for analyzing the progress of your product development plan can help you gain a deeper understanding of your customers through customer analytics software. By utilizing customer analytics software, you can uncover how your customers interact with the product, what their needs are, and how well the product meets their expectations. This process can also aid in tracking overall sales and profit for businesses. 

Let us delve deeper into a few benefits of user feedback analytics software to simplify your journey to measuring the effectiveness of your strategies. 

1. Enhances Sales Rates

When your product meets customers’ needs and expectations, you are more likely to increase sales rates over time. 

In addition, accessing the dashboard of feedback management software helps track consumer purchases, loopholes in decreased sales or failed transactions, and potential drawbacks, which the product team can utilize to develop better updates in another feedback loop with customer analytics software. 

For instance, if you are an e-commerce business seeking to drive better web purchases, you can segregate analytics by overall click-through rates, newsletter sign-ups, and conversion rate by device. 

Through data, suppose you realize that purchases through mobile devices are lower than through web browsers, and then it is the right time to improve design and payment gateways for users relying on mobile devices. 

2. Validates Product Updates or New Features

Utilizing feedback management software or customer analytics software is not just about identifying where your product lacks, it’s about valuing your customers’ opinions and using them to drive improvements. 

It helps in understanding why your previous product development did not achieve optimal results and how you can effectively meet customers’ needs. This process makes your customers feel valued and integral to the product development process. 

For instance, tracking user flow, such as call to action (CTA) buttons, landing pages, and points of exit on websites or through customer analytics software, can seamlessly help you recognize what your customers are looking for through a customer feedback system and utilize the data to prioritize themes for the next product development roadmap. 

3. Enables Delivering Customized Customer Experience

By utilizing user feedback analysis software and customer analytics software, businesses can uncover touchpoints in customer experience. This means that through valuable insights, you can determine how to improve customer experience and satisfaction or personalize interactions.

Though personalizing customer experience can be a challenging journey, businesses need to rely on accurate and insightful data to help them understand potential ways to boost customer engagement and satisfaction. 

Integrating customer analytics into the decision-making process can enhance customer experience by achieving factors like:

1. Increased customer satisfaction

2.Customer lifetime value

3.Increases loyal customer base

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Top Ways to Track Product’s Performance

Accessing a centralized dashboard of user feedback analysis software can simplify the process of tracking the performance of your product development initiatives after launch. To help you achieve your goals and strive for a culture of continuous improvement, we are listing below a few methods to perform seamless product evaluation. 

1. Determine your Objectives

Before launching the product, you need to determine specific goals to simplify, setting specific, measurable metrics to define the effectiveness of your product development plan. Without a goal, managing varied data and analyzing results, even with customer analytics system, would become a complex journey. 

For instance, let’s assume you want to increase overall conversion rates with newly launched products or features. Specifying specific numbers and time frames, such as if you aimed to acquire a conversion rate with a 10% rise within 6-8 months, this approach can aid in analyzing the results over time. 

2. Focus on Accurate Data

Streamlining the process of extracting accurate data is essential, without which even a feedback management software won’t be able to prioritize accurate aspects. Hence, consider how data flows between varied channels and your current system. 

Identify whether there are gaps in current data? Is your data management procedure verifiable? To achieve this, product teams need to verify varied data after extracting data from varied channels to ensure that they maintain reliable data. This approach will ensure outlining a seamless product analysis process through an overview on a centralized dashboard. 

3. Pick your Ideal KPIs for Product Performance

A secret to effortlessly analyzing the effectiveness of your product performance is keeping the process simple and measurable. Remember, don’t prioritize every data, or the process may become more cluttered. This means that prioritizing effective indicators can help in tracking performance hassle-free. Sounds confusing? Let us understand ideal KPIs for varied aspects. 


Indicators for tracking Product Quality

1.Defect rate

2.Support requests per month

3.Uptime (Digital products)

4.Speed of development

Indicators for Product/ Customer Engagement

1.Duration for average session

2.Product adoption time

3.Metrics of product features

4.Active users (Monthly)

Indicators for Business Performance

1.Recurring revenue (Monthly)

2.Average Revenue (Per User)

4. Integrate your System with Antrika

Many product management software include multiple factors in the process, whereas other tools focus on specific aspects like revenue generated, user behavior, or customer satisfaction. 

For instance, Antrika enables businesses to integrate various data points into a centralized platform or dashboard for easy analysis. You can consider pulling your data from CRM platforms, product development tools, notifications, and other software under one platform to evaluate various aspects hassle-free. 

Using the streamlined overview from Antrika, you can generate data-driven detailed reports for every aspect that will clearly help you understand where your product wins, where improvements are still needed to satisfy customers’ expectations, and how to address certain essential concerns. 

5. Track and Measure the Product’s Progress Consistently

Analyzing and tracking a product’s performance isn’t a one-time thing! Businesses need to continuously measure and track progress to acquire real-time data, collect feedback consistently from customers to identify patterns over time. 

By implementing this approach, you can quickly identify issues with your product at the right time, and focus on solving concerns to enhance customer satisfaction. In addition, you can consider opting for specific audits before and after the product launch. 

You can connect with specific customers and review their reactions or feedback through interviews or other methods to understand varied perspectives and enhance product quality. 

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Enhance Product’s Effectiveness with Antrika’s customer analytics software

Evaluating multiple aspects of your product after launch does not have to be a complex and nerve-wracking journey. By accessing customer analytics software, you can strategically track progress in factors such as brand reputation, product quality, customer satisfaction, overall business growth, sales, and more. 

Focusing on tracking and analyzing these aspects continuously makes it easier for organizations to identify loopholes and understand customers’ evolving needs and preferences in real-time. Want to explore Antrika’s analysis software pricing? Contact our experts today!


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