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How to Collect Customer Feedback Before the Product Launch?

Are you planning to launch your product?  Do you want to make sure your product is bug-free? So, Collect Customer Feedback, it’s time to involve your early adopters or existing customers and share the demo version of your product with them. Encourage them to share experiences and feedback with you. While putting your time and efforts into testing technical aspects, there’s no better way to get insights from the audience your product is designed for. We know you must be wondering how we can gather these insights. Thankfully, plenty of consumers are ready to share their reviews, utilizing Antrika’s customer feedback software.

As a product manager, you must seek consumer feedback in the early stages of product development. Feedback received by customers through a review collection platform will help you identify factors that can be enhanced to deliver a better end product that seamlessly meets consumer needs. collect customer feedback may take time, it can be a game-changer in successfully delivering a robust end product.

Do you want to know more about collecting feedback with a feedback management tool before launching the tool? This blog is designed to solve your concerns effortlessly. From outlining varied sources to detailed processes to collecting feedback, every aspect is covered!

Why is it Important To Gather Feedback Before Product Launch?

Are you confused about what features we should add to our product? Or how can we enhance the UX design of the software? Collecting customer feedback can give in-depth perspectives on these and various related factors using centralized platforms like customer feedback software.

Identify loopholes with Early Adopters

Gathering feedback from your existing loyal customers will help you identify factors like potential bugs, errors in product features, flaws in the design, and even some marketing opportunities to elevate the usability of your product. Isn’t that great? Sometimes, a minor change in your product development strategy can enhance your solution and encourage the audience to purchase the product immediately.

In addition, gathering feedback through a review collection platform can help you access details on consumers’ evolving likes, dislikes, and factors they find interesting in products similar to your product category.

Discover What Your Team Couldn’t Identify

Apart from technical aspects, get reviews from real people and observe how they respond to your product. This approach can help you discover potential problems, bugs, and loopholes beforehand that your team may have missed. Refine your strategy based on user reviews and take the right actions before the gaps in your product become an outlining factor in failure.

Determine the User’s Perspective of Your Product

When you enable your consumers to access a sample version of your software or product before launching it, you will get direct insights into how people interact or use your product and at what action they face inconvenience. This approach aids product development teams in categorizing features that aren’t useful and improving other factors by accessing insights via customer analytics software to enhance user experience.

Enables to Position Your Product – The Better Way

The product development team can test and validate the potential assumption by aligning with customer reviews collected through a feedback management tool.

Let’s say you have developed software for corporate businesses to manage attendance. You assumed that offering features like automated attendance records through log-in actions would simplify consumers’ jobs and reduce the time and effort for data management.

However, it is essential to check if consumers are able to access details from log-in actions and maintain the database seamlessly, or else your product is likely to fail. Hence, asking customers to review this area is essential; they can suggest more ideas to add value to their lives.

Top 3 Ways To Gather Feedback Before Launch

After determining the importance of collecting feedback before the product launch, we’re sure you’re wondering how we can collect these reviews. Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered!

Offer Free Sample

Whether you have a physical, virtual product, or software, you can offer a free sample to your existing customers. If you have a physical product, you can consider connecting with consumers via mail and requesting them to use it in real time and share their reviews. In the case of software and other products, you can share a link virtually, ask them to take specific actions, ask your users to share their reviews, identify potential issues, and more.

In the case of a physical product, contacting and sending samples to each consumer may consume time. Still, it is worth investing every minute as this approach will get realistic, practical suggestions from your loyal users directly.

Represent Consumers Reviews as Marketing Action

This approach is ideal for targeting through collecting customer feedback and explaining why your product benefits them. Showcasing videos, tweets, email threads or customer feedback software of you accepting existing consumers’ reviews will likely build trust in the long term for new arrivals.

In-App Feedback

In-app feedback solutions like review collection platforms enable organizations to collect user inputs throughout the development process with one centralized software. You can connect with your existing customers through this tool, share details, and let every customer share their experiences and suggestions separately.

In addition, based on how to collect customer feedback, identifying essential factors that you may have missed, the number of votes, comments, and more, your team can categorize areas for improvement and take action hassle-free, all under one multi-purpose dashboard of customer analytics software.


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How to Collect Customer Feedback Before Product Launch?

Do you still have concerns about the accurate path to getting feedback insights? How do we successfully collect customer feedback from existing customers? Don’t worry, it is simple and manageable. Below, we list a few methods for improving your comprehension.

Encourage Users to Share Feedback

Whether you are in the early stages of the development process or have already completed developing a product or software, consider offering a product demo or sample to consumers and asking them to share their suggestions right away!

This method can help you understand how your users are utilizing products to solve their problems. You can also closely examine their suggestions and try to align with market trends to enhance success rates. In addition, you can ask a few sets of questions during or after a demo. It can be via video, personal interviews, feedback management tools, or mail.

Leverage the Centralized Feedback Platform

Remember, your consumers are taking the time to use your product and share reviews, so the process should be concise, simplified, and accessible. And what better option than encouraging them to share their feedback on a review collection platform like Antrika?

By having this tool on your side, you can be assured that your customers will seamlessly share inputs without any disturbance. It allows users to interact with each other through votes and comments features. Organizations can save time by accessing insights with one tool.

Craft a Public Forum for Your Consumers

Whether it is a communication-based channel or another public forum,  collect customer feedback through links shared on emails, websites, or more and focus on engaging with customers most intrinsically, getting to know them, and gathering feedback. This approach won’t feel like just another marketing campaign to consumers, and organizations will get a chance to access more insights from consumers in real-time, which aids in building stronger relationships.

Additionally, when your customers see others sharing their inputs, it will encourage them to examine their experience closely, analyze factors, and share valuable feedback seamlessly. By adopting this method, you are positioning your brand focused on maintaining transparency and building great customer relationships, so it has multiple benefits with one action!

Conduct Quick Calls with Existing Customers

You may observe that a few pieces of collect customer feedback through customer feedback software highlight features you didn’t consider or add changes that are different from your current product development theme.

In such scenarios, you can consider scheduling short calls with consumers with different reviews and understand their perspectives for in-depth analysis. However, make sure that you are prepared for each call and set a couple of questions dedicated to the feedback provided by the consumer to make the most of this meeting.

Collecting customer feedback is crucial for businesses to enhance their products and services. By actively listening and engaging in meaningful conversations, brands can demonstrate their commitment to valuing customer input. This approach not only strengthens customer relationships but also contributes to the success of product launches. Trust Antrika to help you maximize your product launch potential. Collecting customer feedback is imperative for businesses aiming to improve their offerings. By attentively listening and engaging with customers, brands show their dedication to valuing their opinions. This not only strengthens customer relationships but also plays a vital role in successful product launches. Trust Antrika to assist you in realizing the full potential of your product launch. Collecting customer feedback is crucial for businesses looking to enhance their offerings. By actively listening and engaging in meaningful conversations, brands demonstrate their commitment to valuing customer input, strengthening relationships, and contributing to successful product launches. Trust Antrika to help you maximize your product launch potential.

Boost Product Launch Success with Antrika

Instead of spending weeks and months identifying potential challenges in your product, ask your current customers and observe closely what they say. In most cases, through feedback insights, you will get direct access to a vital roadmap that you would have missed otherwise.

However, to make this approach impactful, you need to share product demos with a set of customers to help them determine, pinpoint factors, and share their experience with you.

We hope the varied aspects discussed in this blog turn out to be helpful in enhancing your product development cycle. If you want to know more about product development tactics or customer feedback software, get in touch with us today!

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