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Automate product development process with effortless feedback loop
Effective CRM Tools
Input customer data and sync it with Antrika
Track feedback in place of contacts and opportunities for salesforce.
Coming Soon
Promotes seamless collaboration via converting tickets to Antrika posts
Effortlessly view customer’s feedback & queries by syncing Intercom account with Antrika
Coming Soon
Product Development Tools
Sync Antrika posts with Asana current task to organize, manage or track the product development process
Pust Antrika posts to Jira to track issues in the project management system
Link Antrika data with Linear to address issues and build simplified product roadmaps easily
Coming Soon
Notification Tools
Get instantly notified for posts, votes, comments and change in status.
Coming Soon
Microsoft Teams
Integrate with Antrika for seamless internal communication and notifications to get updates on status.
Coming Soon
Connect Discord with Antrika to access notifications from specific boards & selected events or activities.
Coming Soon
Other Management Tools
Chrome Extension
Enables collecting and tracking feedback data from any website
Coming Soon
Link customers data with Antrika to optimize product decisions seamlessly
Coming Soon
Connect Antrika with 4000+ apps on Zapier to automate workflows
Coming Soon
Google Analytics
Analyze and track the traffic and data your receive in Antrika
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Frequently Asked Questions
Why is integration important for customer feedback management software ?

Integration enables seamless communication and data flow between customer feedback software and other business systems, such as CRM (Customer Relationship Management), marketing automation, and analytics tools.

Which systems can be integrated with customer feedback management software?
How does integration improve the efficiency of customer feedback processes?
What types of data can be integrated with customer feedback management software ?
Are there pre-built integrations available for popular software applications?
What are the costs associated with integrations?
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