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Track traffic, navigate data with Antrika and Google Analytics

Sync Antrika with Google Analytics to navigate success
Analyze traffic with Google Analytics reports and Antrika’s features

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Connect Google Analytics with Antrika – Track traffic, Evaluate data.
Optimize the method of analyzing data and traffic from different channels by integrating Google Analytics and Antrika. Get access to real time updates, automate workflow with centralized communication features, and data-driven reports to close feedback loop with simplified process.

Why Antrika + Google Analytics
Track traffic with Atrika’s board to manage projects

Spot the channels that drives customer feedbacks
Utilize Google Analytics insightful reports to identify sources feedbacks come from

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Evaluate the way visitors interact with Antrika portal
Prioritize important feedback by analyzing how long visitors stay with changelog entities, total views or votes with feature requests.

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Dig into user attributes
Get access to insightful data about your users for product development process. Google Analytics 4 helps you extract location, interets, age and events of your users.

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Who can benefit from Antrika + Google Analytics Integrations?
Antrika + Google Analytics is meant to simplify your workflows if you are


analytics organization 1

An organization, looking to manage product development with insightful data


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Looking to sync project management process with user’s data


product driven organizations 1

Product-driven organization, looking to keep internal team aligned

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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of data can be tracked and analyzed through this integration?

The integration allows you to analyze both quantitative data from Google Analytics ( user engagement, conversions) and qualitative data from Antrika(user opinions, comments, and suggestions).


Can I track specific user journeys and correlate them with feedback received?


How do I troubleshoot issues with the integration?


Why should I integrate Google Analytics with Antrika?


What key metrics can I track with Google Analytics and Antrika?

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