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Connect Antrika with Hubspot to optimize feedback data

Track feedback with insightful data with Hubspot+Antrika
Align feedbacks with contacts and deals in Hubspot
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Streamline product feedback loop with Hubspot
Merge Hubspot and ANtrika’s features to centralize feedback insights, track interactions all over the web, and prioritize product improvements. This ensures feedback is collected seamlessly, evaluated, and implied in the development process.
Why Antrika + HubSpot
Automate product development with seamless data management
Connect Antrika posts with Jira issues
Get access to the updates of product ideas and progress of features in Antrika, and link status from Antrika to Jira to keep your development team aligned.

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Send Antrika posts to Jira
Got a great feedback suggestion or product idea? Link Antrika posts to Jira issues and streamlined product roadmap.

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Get notified of status updates
Get rid of the constant hussle of tracking varied workflow status. Antrika’s feature and other updates can be linked with Jira, and get notified instantly with feature updates.

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Who can benefit from Antrika + HubSpot Integrations?
Antrika +HubSpot is meant to simplify your workflows if you are


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An organization, and manage overall feedback data with Hubspot


jira product teams

Looking to sync workflow updates between product & development teams


jira idea

Product-driven organization, looking to keep internal team aligned
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Frequently Asked Questions


How does the integration benefit my marketing and sales efforts in HubSpot?



The integration enables a more comprehensive view of customer interactions. Marketing and sales teams can use feedback data to tailor campaigns, identify pain points, and prioritize leads based on customer sentiments.


Why integrating a Google Chrome extension with Antrika is important?




Can user feedback received from this integration be utilized for marketing purposes?




How can the integration of Antrika and Google Chrome align with overall business goals and objectives?




Can user feedback be used as a performance metric for Chrome extension?



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