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Collect feedbacks effortlessly with Zendesk + Antrika

Collect feedback data with dedicated tickets and tools
Capture, manage feedbacks with Zendesk and Antrika seamlessly
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Streamlined collecting feedback by linking Zendesk with Antrika
Utilize Zendesk’s ticketing, surveys, and feedback forms for targeted user insights. Automate workflows by integrating reporting tools with Antrika for easy feedback processing. And, implement targeted email campaigns to engage with customers, & acknowledge valuable feedback.
Why Zendesk + Antrika
Manage product feedbacks with exceptional Zendesk features
Analyze feedbacks with Zendesk’s tickets
Don’t let any feedback go unnoticed, through Zendesk tickets align your product team and users by notifying every feedback.

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Optimize workflow without switching platforms
Track feedback seamlessly, without shifting on different platforms and interrupting current workflows. Categorize feedback and create posts from Zendesk to Antrika.

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Centralized feedback hub
Antrika keeps a record on the votes received from Zendesk tickets. Through votes, go back to the original post to post updates or analyze suggestions.

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Who can benefit from Antrika and Zendesk Integrations?
Antrika + Zendesk is meant to simplify your workflow if you are

analytics organization

An organization, and manage overall feedback data with Zendesk

sync project

Looking to sync workflow updates between product & development teams

product driven organizations

Product-driven organization, looking to keep internal team aligned
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Have Any Queries?
Frequently Asked Questions

Can I customize the information that gets sent from Antrika to Zendesk?

Yes, integration setups allow you to customize the mapping of fields between Antrika and Zendesk. This customization enables you to control which data is transferred and how it is represented within Zendesk tickets.


What types of events or actions in Antrika can trigger the creation of Zendesk tickets?


Can I use the integration to automatically categorize Zendesk tickets based on the type of feedback received?


Can I track the performance and effectiveness through Zendesk reporting?


Can I use the integration to automatically close Zendesk tickets when user-reported issues are resolved?

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